Maryland Avian & Exotics Veterinary Care

Forever Grateful to Dr. Carr. My sweet black/white guinea pig, Gulliver, had a death sentence hanging over his head because of a severe tooth root abscess. The surgery Dr. Carr performed and the subsequent care she provided saved his life. She and her team are dedicated, caring and compassionate professionals who go the extra mile in providing the specialized care that these little critters need. Thank you Dr. Carr - Gulliver and I think you are awesome!!"

— Christine-Gulliver's Mom from Derwood, MD

Josephine's Dental Explosion Defused by Dr. Carr: Bright Eyes Sanctuary's senior-most rabbit, Josephine (approx 13 yrs), had her mouth 'explode' on her one day and left her with two oronasal fistulas (holes from the roof of the mouth into the sinuses) and was barely able to breathe from resulting congestion. Dr. Lisa Carr, who has been treating the Bright Eyes exotics (rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots) and other animals for many years, lovingly and expertly put Josephine back together again. Checking her mouth every week for several months, and packing and repacking her fistulas with medicated gel, removing diseased teeth and roots, while at the same time being so gentle with Josephine that she looked forward to her weekly doctor visit, we feel she received the best possible care she could have received anywhere. Today Josephine looks like a young rabbit and is feeling great. She doesn't have many teeth left but she is just fine. Time after time, we bring in Bright Eyes Sanctuary geriatric patients and patients of all ages to be cared for by Dr. Carr and her team in the Exotics department and she returns them to a state of optimal health. She also spays and neuters all of our new intakes and treats many of our adopters animals as well. We are very grateful for the dedication and expertise of Dr. Lisa Carr!

— Bright Eyes Sanctuary from Rockville, MD

This is the best small critter vet I know... I have a cockatoo who is known to bite and they took the best care of her. Thanks Dr Carr!

— http://www.vetratings.com

We had a serious accident with our ferret and the staff was very kind and took the time to really answer our questions concerning our pet. Dr. Lisa Carr was the main vet on our case....made us feel really comfortable. We wanted to wait for our pet and instead of ushering us out the door to come back later like alot of places they were kind enough to let us stay in the exam room while they performed the tests they needed to. Last note, the vet also was willing to listen and understand our monetary concerns without that judging eye that some places give, while they are priced well, we just couldn't afford all the tests needed. They helped us figure out a plan that worked while still giving great care. I can't say enough about the quality character of the vets and staff at this establishment!

— http://www.vetratings.com

Dr. Carr, [is] attentive, careful, patient, gentle, thorough and seemed to understand how important my bird is to me. I endorse totally. It's not easy to find a good bird vet.

— http://www.reptileveterinarians.com